Suspended by Free Tier High Egress

Hey, I have deployed a web service yesterday and today it got suspended by render i dont know why they suspended my web service and here i didn’t completed my free tier resources Free

*Instance Hours
46.12 hours / 750 hours

*Free Bandwidth
2 GB / 100 GB

*Free Pipeline Minutes
23 min / 500 min

Here You can check my free tier resources and why render is provided free web services because they are suspending all web services

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Hey Raghu,

The error you’re seeing has nothing to do with the data provided on your ‘Settings’ page. If you want to discuss this error further, please contact us directly through the ‘Help’ modal on the dashboard.

Render Support, UTC+3

My service was suspended too so i upgraded to starter.

But will try to switch back next week to free tier if this limit in egress hopefully resets