Confused about the free tier

Hi all, I read about this in the document section

free tier Exceeds usage limit
If you exceed either usage limit (instance hours or outbound bandwidth) during a given month, all of your Free web services become suspended for the remainder of that month. To restore a suspended service before the start of the next month, you need to move that service to a paid instance type.

but in my billing account, I got this info
Free Use
Review your free Render usage this month.
You will be charged for usage beyond your free limit. See prices.

which is correct, the first or the second, thanks :wave:

There are three different consumable resources to consider, this is represented by the 3 boxes immediately below the text you’re quoting.

  • Services (Web Service, Postgres, etc.)
  • Bandwidth Usage
  • Build Minutes

Every Service has one or more instances. Free Tier Services can only have 1 instance, paid tiers can scale up to multiple instances as desired. Free Tier Service instances have a collective total of 750 hours of free execution. Upon reaching 750 hours of processing all Free Tier Services are suspended. There is no overage charge for Free Tier Services, they are simply suspended.

All Web Services, free and paid, consume bandwidth. Upon exceeding your allotment of Free Bandwidth, Bandwidth costs $30 which grants an additional block of 100 GB.

All application Services (Web Service, Background Worker, Private Service, Cron Job) have a Deployment phase, deployments occur on Render either automatically in response to you pushing code to GitHub, or manually depending on your configuration. These deployment phases consume Pipeline Minutes. Deployments are spend limited and defaults to $0 overages allowed, if you hit/exceed your free pipeline minutes the exceeding and all further deployments will fail, reporting that you’ve hit the limit. You will then either need to wait until the following month or bump your allowed Build Pipeline spend limit to accrue overage charges.

Summary, relevant to the aforementioned three boxes:

  • Free Tier Services are suspended, no overage charges. Paid Tier Services are unaffected (Free Tier Services can be upgraded to a Paid Tier, this isn’t an overage because you are manually intervening.)
  • Exceeding allotted Bandwidth does result in automatic overage charges. $30 for additional 100 GB blocks.
  • Exceeding Pipeline Minutes results in deployments failing and no overage charges by default, you can configure whether you want to allow overage charges for additional blocks of Pipeline Minutes.
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Thank you Jason, now I understand very well what the conditions are for the free tier

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