Suspended by Render (in free tier(

My service has been suspended by render even though I have not reached the free limits.

Hi there,

At the top of the service page there should be a link to our documentation detailing the cause of the suspension here,


I hosted a Telegram bot here. I’m confused when this threshold will be over.

And does switching to a paid plan solve this problem forever?

I can’t help you but wanted to say I experienced the same issue this week. It seems like render may have changed the limits for server-initiated traffic, but there’s no more information in the message I can use to debug it. I had been running my app for months and did not receive any warning email prior to the suspension, See also this post from someone else on a similar issue: Suspended by Render (in free tier)

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Any updates?

This wasn’t replied: Suspended by Render (in free tier( - #3 by Nusab_Taha