Suspended by Render (in free tier)


using this platform for very long but i never faced this kind of issue before all of the sudden i got this suspension. I have used this platform even there is heavy traffic too. please resolve this issue as soon as possible

I believe you’ve already been in touch with us directly in regards to this - as detailed in our documentation, that is the reason here. Changing to use a paid instance type here is the resolution,


I can’t help you but wanted to say I experienced the same issue this week. It seems like render may have changed the limits for server-initiated traffic, but there’s no more information in the message I can use to debug it. I had been running my app for months and did not receive any warning email prior to the suspension, See also this post from someone else on a similar issue: Suspended by Render (in free tier(

This is so sad to see that you are also facing the same issue.Render should drop a mail before the suspense. i hope they will solve this issue soon

My friend’s service was suspended for the same reason.

And we both were just running a Telegram bot.

I’m searching for alternative. Forcing to upgrade while showing a fake free tier is ridiculous.

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