So i recently deployed or try to deploy a full stack app built using node js and sveltekit after i successfully deploy it's not working correctly it show the website for like 2 seconds then error if my local host it running everything will work

can someone help me i want to share but now i can’t there is not problem with the code i checked multiple times it works as expected but render is only showing it for seconds then always error happens it looks almost like it can’t access the database, and there is not issue with the db anyone can access it not need for whitelisting ip

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Hi Minilik, sorry for this. I know the frustrations this can cause.

But posting the errors shown could have helped. If there is any error message

there is no error messages
here is the link if you reload it you can see , it will show the correct page for a second and disappear

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Hey, Minilik94 I saw what you are talking about.

It only shows the correct screen, for half a second then throw the error message.

I have some questions first.

The error screen where you said " this error is coming from /root is it predefined by you ?

And secondly, I would love to see your network Tab, to see the response of your API.

Mind sharing this ?

Yes the error screen is predefined by me.
Here is some screenshots of the network tab

as you can see it successfully fetched the data(jobs), the second screenshot show you the images they are also coming from the backend

this was how it was suppose to be like

ok seen, this is awesome,

first before we go further, the screenshoot you sent, is it the local or live url

I just figured it out, the problem was i was looking for localhost:3000 instead of the root domain for the production :smiling_face_with_tear:, everything is working as expected now.

Thanks Obiabo_Immanuel

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Thanks alot man.

let me know if there is any issue.

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