Deployments have started timing out


My Node.js (Nest) deploys started failing a few days ago. It just times out even though the logs show that server has started up just fine, I don’t think I made any huge changes to my app that could have caused this and seems to be a change on Render’s side (although hard to tell with no real feedback on what the timeout or error is).

Any ideas why this started happening or how to debug it?

healthCheckPath looks to be working fine.


Hi Elie,

Thanks for reaching out. We’ve pushed a new change that should solve your deploy issues.

Feel free to reply to this post if you are still running into issues and I’ll be be happy to take a look.

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I have to say, the amount of bugs that make it to your production environment are concerning.

I agree. We’ve hit a rough patch these last few days after having been stable for a while, and we’re doing everything we can to learn from this set of issues. System reliability continues to be our top priority: it’s the one thing you pay us (or any cloud provider) to get right.


Hello! I am currently experiencing very similar issues. My project is built and then fails to deploy after some time…

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