Initial build failing

New static site, basically the SvelteKit skeleton app with render.yaml added and the static adapter installed and edited in svelte.config.js. Initial build fails because node is version 14 but 16 or greater is required. My local node version is 18. Excuse my ignorance but is this error message referring to the node version on render?

Hi @dmorgorg,

If your app has a node version specified via one of the following methods, then we will use that version of Node on Render. If it’s not specified, then we will use the default version that we have specified in the base image, which is 14.17.0.

I would recommend setting the version of node on Render using one of the methods listed in the linked doc.

Thank you, Jade. I have done that and the build is successful. I get a message that the site is live. But when I go to the site, there is a rudimentary Not Found message.

Hi @dmorgorg,

For static sites, this typically will occur when the static assets are not found at the publish folder specified. Can you try changing this to public in your service settings? This is for Svelte static sites.

If you are using Sveltekit, you’ll need to deploy this as a web service:

I have used GitHub - render-examples/sveltekit-static: Deploy SvelteKit to Render using the static adapter successfully in the past without deploying as a web service. What I am currently trying is to get the same results from a standard svelktekit install, with updates to this install to match the render example above, as required. I may return to that method: I am mainly just trying to figure out the best way to get sveltekit up and going on render.

Success. Add a prerender directive to svelte.config.js seemed to do the trick. :slight_smile:

Nice! Happy to hear you were able to resolve that, and thanks for sharing the solution!

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