404 error while deploying a Node web service

I’m trying to deploy my repository to Render. It’s running fine on Heroku, but shows 404 error on Render. Can anybody help me out on this issue? Thanks in advance.

Hi @msrumon ,

I took at a look at your service, and see that it’s a Node service. It looks like it’s running and healthy, and the “Nothing to see here” is coming from your application code. It may be useful to emit more logs so you can inspect why your app is returning the “Nothing to see here” text. It may be helpful to note that https://test-nv5c.onrender.com/ is actually returning a 200 HTTP response, and not a 404.

Hmm I see. But when I deployed the app, I got 404 status instead of 200 status instantly. Thanks anyway, for your time here.

@dan, Now look at this. I just deployed it and it successfully has been built and started. I should see 404 status with {"statusCode":404,"message":"Cannot GET /","error":"Not Found"} response. But I see Not Found, which is wrong. Can you please investigate?

Thanks for the additional information. I took a look, and it seems that there is some delay with our routing tier for some new services in our Frankfurt region, which is what you saw. I’ve fixed this for your service, and now you can see the 404 coming from your app.

I’m following up with the Render team internally to understand better the cause of this delay for new services, but hopefully you are set! Thank you for reaching out :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. I will be waiting for the follow-up. Meanwhile, let me know if I will be charged for suspended services or not.

Hey, to answer your last question, no. You don’t get charged for suspended services/databases.

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