I need help with the Render pricing

If I upgrade our account to Team Plan, how many apps can I deploy under the team plan? Do I still need to pay $7 for each application deployed?

Hi there,

To clarify, you do not necessarily need to upgrade to the Team plan if you only need to upgrade your server instance type. Server instance types can be updated to the following under your service settings: https://render.com/pricing#services.

The Team plan will affect some limits for your account, such as bandwidth, build minutes, and being able to invite additional users to the account. There are also some additional features available on the Team plan that are not available on the Individual plan. However, server pricing is not included in the Team plan per user fees. So you would also need to upgrade your service instance types separately, and these would be billed at the prices for the specified instance type, shown in the link above.

I hope this helps to clarify - let me know if you have any further questions!


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Thanks Jade, I am very grateful for the feedback.

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