How is the Render pricing works?

I curious that, the pricing is it calculate based on webservices?

So 1 service is $7, every new webservice is another $7 right?

Hey Ken,

Every service you deploy to Render can use whatever plan it needs to run. Plans allow your service access to limited amounts of resources. And you’re right, for $7 that’s our starter plan which gives you 512Mb RAM and 0.5 CPU, so if that’s sufficient for you then that’s great. You may have a really resource hungry app so you would have to use one of our larger plans which cost more but give you access to more resources.

You may have a combination of apps, some hungry, some not - so you set the plan for your service based on your needs. So to answer your question, 1 service running the starter plan would indeed by $7, and if you deployed another service using the starter plan it would also be $7 a month.

Does that clear things up?


John B

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