How to monitor/debug with live logs of what's happening on preview environments and production env?


I wanted to know what’s the reco on when

  1. i’m analyzing and loading pages to see if all is in order (or for debugging purpose) in terms of database calls, actions executed…on a Preview environement . How can i get see the runtime logs/live logs like I do when I develop locally and use my terminal.

  2. Same for production instance. On heroku , they have this inside the app itself or inside the terminal with the command ‘heroku logs’

Is there anything like this on If not, what do developers usually do for that?

Hi Michael,
All services expose logs (assuming you’re writing them to STDOUT) via the logs tab in our dashboard for each of your services,


I see but in a terminal or heroku activity tab, they’re loive. Are these live? or is there a time delay?
For example to debug, i’d load a certain page on the website and want to see the prodiuction logs. If i have to wait 3 minutes eahc time before seing them, it makes devloping very hard.

Also edited my question here as what i meant was Preview Environments : Preview Environments | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers

We certainly intend for them to be live - let me have the service name in your account and we can take a further look,

John B

I’ll do soon, but thanks for the confirmation.

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