When does render.com create an "environment" in GitHub?

When I initially connected render.com and github for my project it created an “environment” for each service, private or web, I created. In these environments render.com would add “deployments” every time a deployment was made. This was very useful for us. However, when I last added a new service on an existing project, no new environment was created.

  • Is there anyway I can force create these?
  • Is there anyway I can rename them? (the old ones were created on an old branch, and got names from them)

PS: The environment is NOT the environment in render.com which is a completely different thing, Im talking about the ones in Github which seems to be mapped to a service in render.com

PPS: The reason I want this is because GitHub has webhooks for deploys that we can use. If render.com had hooks that would ping our endpoint on deploys, this would not be necessary.

Hi @erikaxel,

I suspect you might be referring to services that are configured via blueprints? For services configured via blueprints, Render will post the deployments to Github, which can be viewed in Github via /deployments. I believe this also generates a corresponding Environment in Github as well. Additionally, with Preview Environments enabled, Render generates a preview environment for each PR that is opened on the repo. Let me know if this sounds like what you’re referring to!

You can use blueprints by configuring a render.yaml file in your repo to reflect your service config, and sync this to Render via the Blueprints tab in the dashboard.

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