GitHub deployment overview


we are evaluating Render right now and we love the experience so far. One glitch I ran into is that we have two services (backend and frontend) and each have a render.yaml file which describes the environment. While on the backend repo the github page shows this nice Environments section and shows the status of deployments, the one for the frontend does not.

Is this some sort of limitation? I tried to put one yaml file describing both services into a third repository but that didn’t change anything.

Keep up the good work!


Hey Chris,

I’m glad you’re enjoying Render so far!

Status updates should be posted to the repository that contains the render.yaml file and preview environments will only be created when pull requests are opened against that repository. When you open a pull request against the frontend repository, is it creating the preview environment on Render but not posting the status updates to Github or is it not creating the environment all together?

Also, could you share either the name of the frontend service or the dashboard URL for that service?