Render displays different logs for the exact same deployment in different tabs

See render shows different logs for the exact same deployment - YouTube.

Thanks for reporting this @samuela! This is actually the expected behavior. When you’re watching a deploy in real-time, Render continues to show you live logs as long as you stay on the page. When you later navigate back to the page, Render only shows logs up until a point in time shortly after the deploy finished.

That said, we always want to minimize surprises. Is there different behavior you’d prefer to see here?

Well, I think the expected behavior would be that all logs would always be shown. Having some of the logs available some of the time is pretty much useless to me.

If there is some expiration on logs (understandably), I would expect it to apply on the deployment-level and for the expiration criteria to be documented etc…

Thanks for the feedback. We’re making a distinction between logs that are part of a build+deploy and logs that are generated while your service runs. The latter are available under the Logs tab. For a more complete logging solution with longer retention, consider our LogDNA addon.