Methods to debug deploys?

What are recommended ways to debug deploy messages in Render? Is there a doc for this?


Can you give a bit more information on what message you are trying to debug and I can see how I can help.


I guess I’m looking for more detailed logs, the problem that I’m facing is that render is still relatively new (but a great service), so my methods of debugging something that I’m not familiar with, namely deploys, are difficult with my usual methods using Heroku, such as googling around or stack overflowing.

I’m sorry that I’m being ambiguous, but I’m hoping for some more detailed debug logs, I’m a full-stack eng but very inexperienced at deploys, so this could be a lack of experience problem on my end.


In dashboard on the Events tab there is a hyperlink for each of your deploys. When you click on that link you should be taken to a page which displays the logs for the build and deploy.

From there you should be able to copy any paste any relevant messages into Stack Overflow. Does that help?

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