Help forwarding domain 1 to domain 2

Hi. I have 2 namecheap domains, say they are adotcom and bdotcom. I want to redirect all traffic to to

When I use redirect domain on namecheap, redirects fail to work if “https://” is append. I am not able to post “more than 2 links” so I am going to use PREFIX in lieu of h-t-t-p-s below (this is EXTREMELY silly by the way)

For example:

  • adotcom → PREFIX/bdotcom works
  • adotcom/abc → PREFIX/bdotcom/abc works
  • PREFIX/adotcom/ → PREFIX/bdotcom/ does NOT

After some research, I figured that I could host a separate domain on for and use redirect rules to redirect everything to

Currently, I have the following rules:

/* => PREFIX/bdotcom/*
/ => PREFIX/bdotcom/

Almost everything works, except I am not able to get PREFIX/adotcom or PREFIX/adotcom/ to redirect correctly.

How can I make this work?


Hi there,

I think trying to accomplish this at the DNS level could make the most sense. Have you been in touch with Namecheap’s support to see if they can help you accomplish this via DNS? I’d suggest starting there before attempting a workaround with Render’s static sites.



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