[static site] multiple domain redirect configuration

I am new to render and was wondering how to configure the following scenario: suppose I have example . com, www . example . com, and blog . example . com. I would like to have the first two (apex and www…) redirect to blog… I have not been able to work out yet how to nominate a single custom domain as the canonical one though I have to say I have not tested the various combinations yet (DNS caching makes changes time-consuming to evaluate). I do not want the content delivered on the other domains but a HTTP redirect (ideally with http to https redirects done implicitly).

Based on the documentation and the various settings on the dashboard, the only solution I could work out is to have a dummy project for the apex and the www… sub-domain and configure only wildcard redirects to blog… That would involve the additional implicit redirect apex → www (on the dummy project) but might work as a chain apex → www → blog and www → blog depending on where the user starts.

Have I missed anything in terms of alternatives for easier configuration of multiple aliases?


PS I have already up-voted the domain-level redirect feature request, which may solve (part of) the problem.

PPS I had to add spaces to domain names as the forum software complained about too many links. Please disregard those.

Welcome @c54ffe! Assuming the blog is a static site, your solution is indeed the best workaround until we implement domain-level redirects. (With a dynamic web service, you could inspect the Host header and respond with a 301 redirect when appropriate.) Thanks for providing your feedback by upvoting the feature request. Don’t hesitate to follow up if we can be of further assistance.