Do I need to change my namecheap nameservers?

Hello there guys!

I bought a domain name on namecheap to be used for my staging environments and I plan to use a subdomain per app, and in this case I have an app that requires subdomains per client.

So, I’m trying to achieve something like <client_name>.<app_name>.<domain_name>.com

I think I’ve done the necessary changes on my web service:

and on my domain at namecheap’s records:

but after all these changes I can’t reach the web service, when I ping the domain, I get ping: cannot resolve <domain>.com: Unknown host

So I wonder if I need to do anything related to the nameservers on namecheap?

PS: I already flushed my DNS cache, to make sure the ping command is working properly.

Keep in mind that and are fake text I edited to hide the original names.

Thanks in advance!

My bad, it was just a matter of waiting for dns propagation.

Sorry for opening an issue that wasn’t an issue.

DNS can be a mystery - and yet somehow it works!

Glad you got it figured out.

John B