Frankfurt Database Unavailability


It seems like I have experiencing very frequent database issues for the past 2 days and now since about 1 hours my production database keeps showing “Unavailable” and I was wondering if it is just me?

It has been almost 30min now.

I would highly appreciate if someone could reach out as I am still waiting for someone to reply in via the chat.

Hi @dom ,

Sorry for the late response. Looking more closely at your database, your period of unavailability started at 5:23 AM PST and lasted until 9:20 AM PST. This matches a period of high cpu for your database, which you can view on the Metrics tab of your database. Because your database is a Starter plan database, the CPU limit is relatively low, and your workload demanded more CPU than was available at that time. I recommend upgrading your database to the next plan, and that should fix your issues.


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