My database keeps going to "Unavailable"

My database is “Unavailable”. Metrics look normal.

This happened before on a “free” postgres, so I upgraded to a paid one on standard. The database was “Available” for a few hours, but now not. What is the status here?

We looked at the DB and it appears your CPU is pegged at the maximum available for the Starter plan (approximately 0.1 CPU). I would try with Standard, which is the next plan up.

Hi Dave,

I’ve responded to the support ticket you created in regards to this.

John B

Thanks all,

Yes I misspoke and thought the “starter” plan was free and “standard” plan was the first paid version. I am in fact on “starter” plan which has the shared CPU. Good to know it’s limited to 0.1, not sure if that means 10%, 1%, 0.1% CPU utilization, or something else - but it does seem surprisingly low for a paid plan.

I’ll follow up more in the support ticket.