Is my Database down?

Hi Render,

I have an issue, not sure where to post it but…

I cannot connect to my database anymore and the metrics seem to show the database is down?

It is deployed in Frankfurt, Germany, so might be related to the ongoing outage.

Also, storage shows at “unavailable”

Yes, you are correct it is currently not possible to connect externally to databases deployed in the Frankfurt region and metrics are down.

We have identified the issue and are currently working to resolve it. We have updated our status page to include the database outage.

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I assume that 7hrs later if we have databases deployed in Frankfurt, we are still offline? Do we need to consider moving sites and databases elsewhere or are you close to having a resolution?

Any update will be helpful.



Some EU services are now starting to come back online and we are continuing to work to bring the rest of the EU infrastructure back online.

We will continue to track the response at

All our systems have now been restored and we are monitoring to ensure everything stays healthy. Please let us know if you continue to see issues.

We will publish a postmortem after we conduct a full root cause analysis. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to earn back your confidence. We know we fell short today, but we are working all the time towards higher reliability. It’s our top priority as a company.

I’m very sorry for the extended disruption.