Database Status Unavailable


We are experiencing an issue where our database instance shows the status unavailable and affects our users and request through our APIs.

Could you help?


I’ve just started seeing the same issue with my database in the Frankfurt region. Can’t see anyway in the UI to find out more about the issue or how to fix it.

@knoxjeffrey Your database appears to have run out of CPU. You may need to upgrade your plan or look into optimizing queries.

@amarildolucas Can you share the impacted database ID?

Hi, jake. Sure.



@amarildolucas Your database is CPU-constrained as well. Can you try upgrading your plan?

Hi @jake, cheers for the reply. The database has been well below max CPU for quite some time but I recently deployed some new code updates and shortly after that it seemed to spike and max out on CPU. I’ve rolled back that deploy from within Render as I can only assume that code deploy was the culprit.

Is there a way to restart things on the database because the CPU remains high and the database is unavailable but the rollback should be getting things back to how it was if that’s what the issue was.

No problem!

We don’t have a restart button for databases yet, but you can suspend then unsuspend the database which is effectively the same.

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Ah, that’s handy about the suspend/unsuspend, thank you! :+1: I did that and the CPU dropped but then started to max out again so I end up pausing any jobs I had running, did a revert PR and then started up the jobs and that seems to have done the trick.Thank you.

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