Error SSL version or cipher mismatch error, for custom domain

I set up my domain with A and CNAME records as per the instructions on Render. It says verified and certificate issued on both www and the root one. However, when I try to access everyoneproperties(DOT)com or I get ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error. using the www(DOT)everyoneproperties(DOT)com seems to work

This is for my client’s account, under luciengp(AT)gmail.(DOT)om

Here are the relevant Hostinger DNS records for this domain:
A @ 0
CNAME www 0 everyone-properties(DOT)onrender(DOT)com


The root domain has an AAAA record that will need to be removed, as noted in the docs:


I only see an ALIAS record that points to Hostinger, the rest are CAA records and TXT and the one’s I set up for render. Should I remove the ALIAS record?

I’m not sure. The Hostinger DNS docs don’t seem to mention ALIAS records (which aren’t part of the core DNS spec), but they do mention AAAA records:

If you’re having trouble with updating your DNS records, you’d need to reach out to them. The AAAA is still present on currently:


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