Custom domain forwarding not working

i have a domain on hostinger. I configured the CNAME but still, my render app does not show when i go to my hostinger domain


You’ve not mentioned which domain this is in relation to, so it’s hard to offer any advice.

Please could you share some specific details of the issue you are experiencing that may help us troubleshoot it with you, e.g. the domain, any errors shown, screenshots, etc.

If you don’t want to share these details on the community forum, please feel free to raise a ticket from the “Help” or “Contact Support” links while logged into the Dashboard.


sorry, yes. Now i receive ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH. The domain on hostinger is {{ }} and the render web service is on {{}}.

The root domain has multiple A records:

You’ll need to remove the record for


Aight thanks alot, let me remove it

I used both A record and CNAME. Hope that doesn’t disturb

As long as it’s just an A record for the root domain and a CNAME for www, that’s what’s expected.

I also notice the domains CAA record doesn’t include the details noted out our docs:


I’m just from correcting that too. Thanks

It looks like certs have now been issued:


Thanks alot

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