Custom domain pending so long

Added a custom domain, set up the DNS, confirmed the CNAME record is propagated, but still can’t access the custom domain.

Hi @damon

How long have you been waiting? When you say you cannot access the domain, do you mean from your browser or for it to be marked verified on the render dashboard? Also, could you tell us if that (sub)-domain was pointed somewhere else before (i.e. did you change a CNAME/A record or added a new one)?

It shows as existing and pointing at render for me but the certificate hasn’t been issued yet. In my limited experience with render, I noticed that the certificate issuing does take a bit longer.

Hi @damon

Exactly as @c54ffe said, I also see the DNS as propogated but see an SSL mismatch when accessing the domain as we’re still serving the cert. It looks like this is just waiting for the cert to be issued though,

@damon Looking good now, no SSL mismatch errors for me.

Thank you! I have been waiting for like an hour, and the SSL cert still wasn’t ready, so I went to bed. Now I check it again, the site is live. I added several custom domain before, usually the SSL will be created within just a few minutes, but this time it took much longer time.

Thank you John! Yeah, I think SSL took a bit longer than usually. Now we’re all good :slight_smile: