Custom domain verified but certificate errors

Hi Render,
I have sever Hugo run static sites under a team account. All the sites with a custom domain are getting Certificate Errors. Though recently they were all fine without errors. Our configuration for the DNSs are all correct and we have a wild card on our main domain, these are all subdomains. Worked fine in the past. See attached image.

I also have a personal account with several Hugo static sites. They all use the same domain with subdomains like the Team account. They all work fine without errors so I’m at a loss as to why they would error out for the Team but not for the personal.

Any help greatly appreaciated.
Thanks you, Tom Kraft

Hey @Tom_Kraft,

I see that you have a CNAME record for pointing to, instead of (removing https://). This might be what is causing the issue. Can you try updating your DNS record?