Domain certificate error (urgent)


My domain is still stuck with a certificate error even tough eveything is pointing to render’s server. Nothing works in the browser either. This is pretty urgent considering the website has to be online today.

We are using A record.

My error : We are unable to issue a certificate for this site. Please check our custom domain

Thank you.

I’m experiencing the same issue with my website. I can navigate to but doesn’t work and my browser says that it can’t establish a secure connection.

I noticed that your site is now up again. Do you know how it was fixed?

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

Théophile, I’ve replied to the ticket you raised, the issue is the CAA records on your domain, they need to include “” as covered here: Custom Domains - CAA Records

Jmarsh, I’m not seeing the domain added to Render currently. You’ll need to ensure custom domains are added to the service under settings.

Kind regards


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