Disk Usage Time and Payment Price


I’ve noticed that there are 16,901.47 hours of disk usage recorded for September and already 1,751.04 hours in October, and today is only the 2nd of October. However, my actual usage appears to be only 0.03mb.

I’m curious about the source of these usage and payment figures, especially considering that the disk is just over 2 weeks old. Could you kindly explain the methodology behind these calculations?

Furthermore, I noticed a charge of $7 for the 0.03mb of usage (for 2 weeks). I’m interested in understanding the pricing structure and why there is a charge for such a small amount of data.

Lastly, if I were to upload several gigabytes a day, how would that impact my charges? I’d appreciate any clarification on this matter.

Also, I’d like to add. I pay 7/month for the minimum plan. I have a description of my free usage limits in my account. Question, why am I billed for literally all activities?

Hi Andrew,

I’m sorry - the usage column for Disks is quite confusing, as it doesn’t actually represent the number of hours for the disk usage that month.

To clarify, we charge $0.25 per GB/month for provisioned disks. This is not tied to the actual storage used on the disk, so if the disk is provisioned at 50GB, that would come out to (50 x $0.25) $12.5 for the month, regardless of how much data you upload to the disk. Unfortunately, the usage column is quite confusing here, but it represents the number of GB on the provisioned disk times the number of hours that disk was available for the month.

In regards to PR Previews, we do bill these at the same rate of the base service, as it is an additional service being provisioned. I’m sorry if that was unclear - you can read more about this here: https://render.com/docs/pull-request-previews#billing-for-pr-previews

Let me know if I can further clarify anything.


Hi there,
I’m paying for the 2GB, 1CPU tier, but my Flowise Render keeps crashing at 512MB. Is there a setting I need to change or how do I keep it from crashing at 512MB?


Hi Mark,

As this is about a specific service we’d request that you login to our dashboard and contact us via the ‘Help’ link at the top of our dashboard and make sure you pick the service that this question relates to from your account.

As this is a public forum it’s probably best not to share that directly here.


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