Unbilled Charges

I have Unbilled Charges in my account that I don’t understand at all:


Why do I see them in my account?

I paid a fixed amount for using your service and I did not expect to see any other bills.


Over on the billing page—specifically under the ‘Unbilled Charges’ section—you’ll find a detailed breakdown of what contributes to the ‘projected cost’. Take a moment to review this area and pinpoint which services are driving up the cost.

For context, a single ‘Starter’ web service runs at $7/month. This doesn’t account for things like exceeding ‘free build minutes’, scaling considerations, or having multiple web services, among others.

Render Support, UTC+3

Normal services usually have limits and if the user does not have enough features, he can expand his plan to get more features. Thereby making an informed decision to pay more or not. What is happening here with billing - in my opinion it can be equated to deception!

How do I understand these 16900 hours? If I’ve only been using the disk for 2 weeks and there are a couple of files on it?

Hey Andrew,

I see that you’ve just opened a support ticket with us. I’ll follow up with you via the ticket to avoid any duplicates.

Render Support, UTC+3

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