Frequently Asked Questions on the January 2023 Repricing

Hello, Community Members!

If you have questions about the new pricing at Render, effective January 1, 2023, this FAQ is your first step in getting the answers you need. We hope you find it helpful.

How does billing work?

We charge for your monthly plan, and your total compute usage at the end of the month. Monthly plan costs depend on your plan type and the number of users on your plan. Compute usage is billed and prorated by the second. If you create a service and delete it after a day, you pay for just a day.

I’m the only user on my team. Will I pay a monthly fee?

If you created your team before December 1, 2022, and you’re the only user in it, we won’t apply the monthly fee for six months (until July 2023) as long as you don’t add a second user. Your team will have access to all the features in the Team plan, including autoscaling and preview environments. If you remove team members during this month, we will base the count for billing on team members listed as of January 1st.

I have a large team using Render. Do you have special pricing for us?

If your team has more than 8 people on it, contact, and we’ll be happy to help.

I run a large agency with developers on multiple teams. What does this mean for us?

We’re working on an agency partner program and would love your feedback. Get in touch at

How do you count team members?

We will use your Render team user count at the start of the month. This means any users you add over a month will only be counted in the following month.

What are build minutes, and how can I track my usage?

Builds on Render consume CPU and memory; build minutes track the length of all builds run as part of your team. You will be able to track your build minute usage starting January 1, 2023. We continue to focus on making your builds faster with features like build filters and root directories and plan to introduce higher-performance builder instances.

I use autoscaling or preview environments in my individual account. Can I still use them?

You can continue to use these features on existing services until December 1, 2023 (a year from now), after which you will need to upgrade to a Team plan.

What about services already on Starter Plus or Standard Plus instances?

Existing services on these plans can use them until December 31, 2023 (a year from now). New services will not be able to use these plans after December 31, 2022.

How do free instance types work?

With Render’s free instance types, you can spin up web services, Redis instances, and PostgreSQL databases at no charge. Free instance types have usage limits and are designed to help you to explore new tech, build personal projects, and get a preview of the Render developer experience.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Your payment info is stored and processed securely by Stripe and never touches our servers.

I have another question about pricing.

Great! We’re always glad to help. You can email us any time at, or talk to us right here at

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