Question Regarding Payment Plans

Hello there,

I paid $15 to save my Postgresql database deployment since the database was going to expire.

With this in mind, when could I degrade back to the free plan?

Is the billing cycle at the beginning or the end of the month? Or is it based upon when you started it as in I started it mid month?

I will make a habit to back it up every 3 months but forgot last time, and just wanted to pay to save my data.


I’m not quite sure what the $15 is referring to, paid Postgres Instance types start at $7USD/month and are charged only for the time they’re provisioned.

It’s not possible to downgrade Render Postgres instances currently, and accounts are limited to one free Postgres instance. You would need to take a backup and restore to a newly created free instance if you wanted to downgrade.

The billing cycle works to calendar months.


Hey Alan,

Thanks a ton for this reply!

I will make sure to back mine up and restore the free one in that case. Thanks for the heads up!

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