Database & db storage suddenly unavailable

My db server & db storage suddenly became “unavailable”. I’ve requested help on intercom, but in the meantime, is it safe to attempt a ‘restart database’ or ‘susepend/unsuspend’? (I hate that I’m thinking ‘turn it off and on again’ might actually work, but I have users upset and feel like I need to try something

Looks like it’s back, I’m proud of myself for not giving in to my impatience!

This happened also to me. The outage was for approximately 5 minutes. The status page indicated problems with free tiers. I am not on a free tier but was also affected.

Due to a misconfiguration, a reply made by our engineers never made it back here:

Hi Alan,

Due to an internal system issue, your database and several others needed to be moved. Which is why you saw some downtime while the connection was unavailable.


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