Cloudflare + Render gives 404 error


I am trying to connect the domain piñ (from to my server via Cloudflare DNS.

I followed the Cloudflare instructions url and it seems to be all good:

But page still not loading and showing a 404. When I go to www.piñ the redirect works well. In the network tab says Cloudflare made a redirect.

Also my domain nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare:

➜  ~ nslookup -q=ns

Non-authoritative answer:	nameserver =	nameserver =

Authoritative answers can be found from:

DNS checker shows everything is ok with the root domain:

As context, piñ is an API and now the only path working is /tracking/{SOME_CODE}

I tried everything and nothing works. Please help!

Looking at the response, I have a feeling the 404 is coming from your service - can you check your service log output to see if the 404 is making it there, if it is, then it’s a genuine 404 and being raised by your application.

John B

At the same time I have correct responses from onrender host:

using the domain doesn’t work for the same request

@John_B sorry for bothering you. Any ideas on this?


Now it works recreating the app. For sure it was related to the incident.

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