Domain verification not working

On srv-c8dabrc6fj379k4j72qg I added a new domain. The DNS propagated almost immediately (it has a short TTL) but for some reason, render is stuck saying DNS update needed. I can verify that the DNS record points to the right place, but when I go to the production domain cloudflare tells me “DNS points to prohibited IP”, which I suspect is a render-side problem.

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The custom domain added to srv-c8dabrc6fj379k4j72qg has incorrect DNS settings. The settings page of the service shows the DNS record type and value to use, a CNAME record pointing to <slug>, this doesn’t appear to be correct when diging the custom domain.

If you’re happy for me to share the Render & custom domain in this community post, I can share more details. If you want to keep this private, please feel free to open a ticket at

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