Any issues with the databases?

Hi Benjamin,

I’m not aware of any general issue with databases. Can you share more details about the specific errors your API is experiencing? It may help me diagnose if you share the exact service and database you are using, and feel free to share with with me in a private message.

Instance of the server is srv-bt614pu9ph1gnornof0g (I assume it’s safe to share those IDs publicly). Database is dpg-bs1nlj0l1r15od2dc1f0.

It’s running with Elixir + Postgres. The error seems gone since this morning (hasn’t occurred since 8:33 AM), the logs seemed to indicate a network error between the two.

I’ll update with more info if this happens again.

Thanks for the detail! I did some investigation, and found that some of our Frankfurt region databases were experiencing frequent restarts that I believe caused the problem you observed. We’ve deployed a change that will fix the frequent restarting, and should prevent your problem from recurring.

Please let me know if you do experience any more issues with your database.