Render is down, is there an incident?

Our services are also down, at least the static sites.


Our servers are down too. This started 10 minutes ago, 16:07 GMT. Currently no incident on Render’s status page

Yea we are down. Does anyone know their phone number?

Hey, we have just opened an incident on our end, I’ll keep you up to date.

Render Support, UTC+3

Deploys are also broken, and I am unable to connect to all databases, for both postgres and redis.

Looks like there’s an incident reported now: Render Status - Broad Outages

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Static sites and web services have recovered for us, but all of our databases and Redis instances are still down.


My Redis instances are also still down.

Side note, I opened a ticket a week ago about periodic Redis failures. I’ve yet to hear anything from support about what’s been going on with Redis stability.

Same for us. All our services lost connection to Redis & Postgres instances at about 16:07 UTC and still unable to connect (Ohio & Oregon regions).

We are experiencing the same. Web services seem to be online again, but Postgres are still down.
Quite critical!

Frankfurt is also affected

Whats the ETA? We are losing money every minute


Also affected our Postgres instance is not booting at all. Any visibility around what the incident is and predicted ETA will really help

Last update was 30 minutes ago. Any update would be appreciated.

This is insane, we loosing money any ETA !


We are also losing money but pushing them more certainly won’t make them faster to resolve it. If something, it will make them more stressed. Their responsibility is 100x ours


One of my Postgres DBs just recovered - the other one is still down. Both Ohio region.

Looks like PG and Redis are back online in Ohio region. Oregon seems to still have issues, but we’re up and running again.

My Postgres DB (Ohio) is back up