Alternating Healthy and Unhealthy site

I tried making a new web server using in node.js form my github repo and shows this errors. It seems to be pointing to the node-modules folder. I used pnpm install supposing that it downloads all those dependencies but still missing a file. A fellow classmate tried to make a web service from my github repo and it works for them. Maybe the problem is here in render? in my account? I don’t know. I’m using a free tier plan by the way.


Maybe your service and database are provisioned in different regions?

The internal/private network host names require both services to be in the same account and region.

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They are in different regions. I never change it until because I thought it will not impact anything. I stand corrected. I recreated the Database and the Web Service just now, making sure that the regions are the same. It’s now working! The deployed site works! That’s a newbie mistake, sorry for the trouble and thank you!

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