Server unhealthy

Hi, I’m getting once a day this event in my service dashboard:
Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 10.40.43
When I check the logs, everything is fine, no error or warnings.
Any idea ?

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I started getting this for a node server too. Today the build started failing. I haven’t changed anything, it’s just rebuilding from the monorepo. Now it won’t start the server at all, it can’t find the main.js file that was able to find before.

Edit: And suddenly it’s working today. No changes.

Hey Thomas,

This is due to the fact that free tier services run on a machine type that can be restarted on short notice. This doesn’t impact most free services because they usually spin down and get scheduled on newer machines. It appears that your free service is almost always up, so it rarely gets rescheduled and will get restarted more regularly as a result of the machine restarts more regularly.

This obviously isn’t a great user experience. We’re looking into options to address this.

This happened on our paid plan yesterday.

Hi Jake, Thanks for your reply. I think you should reconsider the message due to the red color which is always associated with “danger”; I didn’t understand why the machine is restarted, but I think you should address it because most of your future customers will start with a free plan !

Agreed! We should have a fix for this soon.

Can you send a message to with the service ID so we can take a look for you?


Hey does anyone know of render is currently working right now ? I am trying to deploy my application and its seems to not start at all.

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