Why do I end up with 404s from CF?

I have two Web Services on starter plan. Both located in Frankfurt.

The first one is running at https://revision.app and the second one at https://my.revision.app. Both are just simple NextJs apps.

The first one (https://revision.app) works fine. And hitting it with artillery show that it responds fine.

artillery quick -c 10 -n 20 https://revision.app/

The second one, not so good.

artillery quick -c 10 -n 20 https://my.revision.app/user/login

About every fourth request gets a 404? I’ve had this problem before when deploying to Render. I’ve changed the dns around a bit, is that it? I’d really like to understand what is happening and what I need to do to fix it.

I assume this has to do with Cloudflare somehow? Here are the header returned on a 404 response.

As I said, love to understand what’s actually causing this and how to fix it.

This was handled through another support channel, but for future reference the issue was caused by some of our backend systems requiring a refresh. We are investigating the issue to prevent these kind of disruptions in the future.

I’m seeing something very similar as well - just deployed the Elixir cluster sample to two nodes. But the DNS seems to know about 3 different IP addresses, one of which is not hosting a server, so get frequent 404’s, with at least one file usually 404’ing on each page load (CSS, JS, etc)

The erlang sample shows nodes connected to the cluster, and it is interesting that the IP addresses shown in the cluster always work, and the phantom IP address that gives the 404 is not in the cluster list.

But I don’t think this has to do with Elixir, because the 404 is happening because of DNS.

I scaled the cluster down to only a single node, and the IP addresses changed but there is still a phantom IP returned by DNS that gets a 404. So instead of 3 IPs with one being bad there are two with one giving a 404.

Any idea what might be going on?

Hi Nathan,

We are continuing to investigate 404 issues and hope to have a resolution soon. Apologies for the disruption.