Getting errors 400 and 404 intermittently


I’m running a web service through Render that I use as my API for my webapp. (The name of my web service is cuttle-server.)

It works almost always, but I’ve occasionally been getting errors 400 or 404. It’s happened to me and my colleagues several times in the past 8 hours or so. Things are usually back to normal a few seconds later.

I don’t think it’s an issue with my code as my logs don’t have any errors in this time frame, the code has been working and I haven’t updated it in over a week, and there doesn’t seem to be any abnormal amount of activity in the past 24 hours. (If you’re able to see anything different, please let me know!)

I managed to catch one of these errors in the web console recently. I’m attaching a screenshot below. The response has something about Cloudflare so perhaps that is part of the issue? Please advise.Thank you!

Hi @toby, welcome to the Render community. We are looking into this issue and will update you as soon as we have more information. My apologies for the disruption.

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Thanks @tyler! I saw that Increased 404 error responses was investigating and resolved on Was this the issue I ran into? Any info you can share? I mostly want to ensure this was an issue on your/Cloudflare’s side and not an issue with my code or settings that I need to fix.

Hi @toby, yes, the issue you ran into was a part of that incident. We are still determining a root cause and will update you accordingly!

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FYI this started happening again today — I got a 404. Here’s the response from the Network panel (let me know if this is the best info for me to provide, or if I can provide any other helpful info).

We are seeing similar 404 issues on our API endpoints. We have not been able to reproduce but our error logs are capturing these. Seems to be happening outside our application layer.

Hi @toby and @mark, we’ve also been noticing the issue intermittently and have rolled out some changes that should eliminate these 404s.


I’m also getting 404’s on my deployed Go app, but only when I’m using the free plan. If I upgrade to paid, the error goes away.

Is it possible your Go app needs more memory than the 256 MB allocated to the free plan?

Nope, nowhere close it seems.

Hey @rio, if you’re able to share some timestamps of when you received a 404, as well as the request path, we can definitely dig in further. Alternatively, if you can create a new deployment of your app on the free plan and reproduce the 404s easily, that would give us something to dive deeper on as well.

Yeah, I can do both. One second

Sorry for the delay, here’s my web service. The 404’s happen anytime you do a healthcheck.

Thanks @rio, we identified the issue that was causing this and it should now be resolved, apologies for the inconvenience!

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