Can't figure out 404

Don’t understand why my app is giving a 404:

It was working fine last week, all logs look fine, and no configuration changes have been made since then. Are the servers just down right now or something?

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Rolled back to a previous known good deploy and still getting 404.

Ah yep, just saw the post on about free service in oregon downtime, nevermind folks.


thanks, i was looking for the same, just created a local server to serve public for an alternative

Hi everybody, have the same. But still not working. Trying with another server but it’s failed

same. creating new service isn’t working.

It’s working! Thanks

We’ve resolved this incident now as we’ve fixed the issue, please check your services to ensure they are working as expected - if not try a manual deployment and if that doesn’t improve things then please reach out to us at with details,

John B

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