What happened to the Docker Deploy option?

What happened to the Docker option listed here? Web Services | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers

I don’t see it when I click New → Web Service. Instead I get the normal “Connect a repository” flow only.

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The feature to deploy an image is in early access, so you will need to first enable this from your account settings page, which you can get to by clicking the dropdown in the upper right of the Dashboard.


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What’s up with the requirement that images use linux/amd64? I am trying to use a distroless package that would much prefer being linux/arm64. Any chance we could get that working?

All Render hosts are x86 architecture, Linux distributions adopting “amd64” instead of x86_64 or x64 is a historic story of annoyance, but amd64 applies to Intel, AMD, or any other x86 architecture silicon, 64-bit.

We currently do not offer Arm hosting.

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