Complete noob, wrong kind of service?

Hi all,

I have been interested in trying/experimenting with docker or VM environments for a while now, and have got docker environments to run in the past. So I set up an account on Render to create a long term home for assorted (personal use) O/S’s but it seems to me that is a home for larger scale cloud computing and online database environments, not for small office guy’s like me who just want to explore the possibilities of having a 2 user centralised cloud based VM and to experiment with other Virtual machines running a couple of common O/S’
Have I signed up for the wrong service?
Thanks in advance,

Hi Jim,
We’re a Cloud Platform Hosting provider who can run native environments as well as Docker containers mostly for hosting web applications - we’re not a traditional VM instance provider who give you a vanilla server and you configure it as you want.

We’re probably not the place to experiment running VMs with but if you want to be running some kind of web based infrastructure then we’re the choice.


John B

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