Web service not waking up after inactivity period

I’m having an issue with my web service. It works fine after the initial deployment, but as soon as it falls asleep after the inactivity period, it fails to wake up again whenever a request is made to the server. I experienced this problem using both the Ohio and Frankfurt regions.

Thanks in advance.

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Same is happening for me. Started last night. A redeploy from latest commit fixed the issue temporarily but looks like it’s not waking up from sleep again today.

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It woke up for me once earlier today on its own, but then it started not waking up again. I’m back in the same boat. It works temporarily for one cycle after a manual redeploy, but then fails to wake up after sleeping. I deleted my web service using the Ohio region and created another using the Frankfurt region. The same problem persists.

Edit: It wakes up with a get request, but not with a post request like it did before.

I had same problem.

Hi all,

Thanks for the reports.

You may have been impacted by an issue we discovered for free-tier services introduced by a recent change. We’ve reverted that change to address the problems of starting free-tier services back up.

If you continue to experience this issue, please open a support ticket and include the service id (visible in the URL when viewing on the Dashboard, beginning with srv-)