Server Randomly Restarts

Hi, I am having an issue where my service randomly resets give or take 20-40 minutes(Auto deploy is off). I am using Nestjs framework and My service runs perfectly fine when it is not restarting. I am also using the free plan. I will attach a example in the logs where the service randomly restarts without any prompt.

Hi there,

What you’re experiencing there is the service sleeping. After 15 minutes of inactivity of free plans (as detailed in go to sleep. So the next request will trigger the service to start up which is what you’re seeing there.

The request at 11:06:25pm is the last request, at 11:21 we would put the service to sleep and then a new request comes in around 12:33 and we restart the service.

If you want to prevent this behaviour then you should move to a paid plan which doesn’t do this,


John B

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Hi John,

Is it normal that the service does not come back after sleep? Mine seldom boots up again. Going to a paid plan anyway but wanted to male sure im not doing something wrong.


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@Timur_Ercan The more hungry the services are then the longer they will take to come up that’s for sure - I have a light weight service that comes up in about 10 seconds

I just deployed the emtpy next js basic template. So this is weird? It definitely does not come back up…

Ooh I see, thank you for the response.

mine too, did it work in paid plan?

Yes, as expected Paid works like a charm. Just wanted to let the team know…

Thanks, the paid one has worked for me too.

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