Webservice not responding to requests

My webservice I use for my backend calls has been working fine but for some reason, it is no longer responding to requests. Did anything change recently.



Same here. I am running a Django project with a PostgreSQL database deployed to the Oregon region. If I redeploy, the web service responds as expected again, but after the 15-minute inactive period, it falls asleep and fails to wake up when further requests are made. This has only been happening for the past few hours.

Update: It seems other users are experiencing similar issues with the Oregon region. Some have mentioned deleting their web service and redeploying it in another region as a temporary fix. Make sure to back up your data somehow if you decide to go down that route.

Update 12-04-22: I deleted my web service deployed in the Oregon region and created a new one in the Ohio region. So far everything is working as expected. The web service wakes up after the 15-minute-inactive period.

I deleted my web service and redeployed a new one in the Ohio region. That seems to solve the problem for now.


Thanks for reaching out!

We had an ongoing issue where some services deployed in the Oregon region were unreachable/slow. We’re still monitoring the issue but most services are now back online. Please confirm that you were able to successfully access your deployed service.

New updates will be posted via our status page. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

Jérémy, Render Support

Same here

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