The service is stopped working. It persists many time

The service is stopped working. It persists many time.

My telegram bot hosted on this server, and it can not wake up when telegram send a signal by webhook.

What happened with this?

Hi there,

Bots are best deployed to us using a Background Worker - these run persistently in the background and don’t expose any web server however, these service types aren’t available with a free instance type.

If you try and run a bot via a Web Service, the deployment will probably fail, typically about 10 minutes after you’ve deployed it, and sometimes there are scenarios where 2 may be running for a period of time, this is down to our zero-downtime feature and not something that can be disabled.

If this doesn’t answer your question, just let us know, and we’ll try and help where we can



Many of us have been experiencing this since yesterday. In my case, my web service only wakes up with a get request, and not with a post request (webhook) like it used to. It works temporarily after a manual redeploy, but after that, it goes back to staying asleep with subsequent webhook post requests.

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