Web service deployment failed

Created a simple site based on Express js. However, every time my deploy is failing. What do I do wrong? This is my repo GitHub - rimmertzelle/guess-the-right-word. Maybe an issue with the .env variables? Thanks for helping out, really looking forward to use render.

Hi Rimmert,

Thanks for reaching out.

Deploys can fail for a number of reasons, maybe some went wrong in your build, or maybe you didn’t bind to the correct host/port.

The deploy logs should give you some indication of what went wrong, is there anything in there that looks like the culprit?

Kind regards


Tanks I missed the logs part! Will look into that!

Oops, I found out I used the wrong port number :blush:

Thanks for the update and glad to hear you were able to spot the issue.

Thanks for using Render!