Super basic deployment instructions

Hi Folks,

I’m currently a web dev novice trying to deploy my first app. I need super basic instructions from GitHub upload straight through to clicking the final deployment button on Render. I made an app with Node.js and Express connected to a MongoDB server using Mongoose.

Instructions on are a bit “light” for me; I’ve followed many YouTube videos, but they’re all slightly different and none seem to work. My Render process claims to be working and deploying but then the “In Progress” turn to “failed” after about 10 to 15 mins.

If anyone could point me to some very basic instructions, all throughout the process, I’d really appreciate it.



I took a look at your service and it looks like it’s starting up from the logs, but it seems we’re not able to connect to it in order to mark it live. Could you try setting an environment variable PORT with the value as the port that your service is listening on? This can be done on the Environments tab of the service. Let me know if this helps or if you’re still running into issues.


Hi Jade,

Thanks for your reply. I have deleted my project, to get a fresh start.

Can you please tell me exactly what menu item to look under. I do not know what you may by “of the service.”

And could you please also provide the exact syntax to write.

I am quite new at this.

Thanks a lot, Jade.

It worked!!! Thank you so much, Jade.

Was able to change the environment variable for the port and it worked.

You made my day,

Great, happy to hear that!

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