Web service deploy failed but App logs shows listing on port

Hi my webservice failed to deploy but the logs shows that it started and running correctly. I can see the following

App listening on port 3000 hostname

Any ideas?

I see that the port has to also be 10000.

I missed this in the docs, is there any place that lists that the web service app has to be listening on host on port 10000?

I also noticed the port 10000, when during building the page says that Render is attempting a healthcheck on port 10000.

I will reconfigure things and if the build succeeds this time then it means that I wasted two days trying to debug my code.

Edit: Yep, it worked. Added environment variable SERVER_PORT with value 10000 and the build is live. This should’ve been in the Getting Started manual or similar.

Unfortunate you’ve also wasted your time. The sample express app they show in their docs also has this issue. Small issue, but I’ve noticed enough threads in the community where it would be worth resolving in their docs.

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